How to Get Paid When Your Flight is Delayed

Who is eligible for airline compensation?

If in the last 6 years you have had:

  • flight delay of more than 3 hours;
  • flight cancellation;
  • or you were denied boarding;

that is, there is a high probability that the airline will owe you up to 600 euros in compensation.

Aircraft has long been a part of a person’s daily life. Traveling by plane is more convenient, requires less time and, of course, requires less energy. As soon as possible, you can be anywhere in the world. No other mode of transport can provide such a speed. And if you plan your trip correctly, clarifying all the nuances beforehand, then the cost of a plane ticket can be very pleasant.

With each new day, more and more people prefer air transport. And this is not surprising, because the positive aspects of this method of movement are visible to the naked eye. The number of airline customers is growing rapidly every day. During all this time, a certain part of the people managed to face such a problem as the flight delay. It’s no longer surprising. An airplane is a complex mechanism, and in order to lift this aircraft into the air, it is necessary to agree on a number of facts. Any mistake or even the slightest malfunction leads to the problem of flight delays.

Below are the most common reasons for flight delays. There are quite a few similar situations, so they can be classified into separate groups.

Meteorological situation

There can be quite a few such reasons. The weather is very unpredictable and even forecasters cannot always provide an accurate forecast. For such reasons, the flight may be delayed or the ship must be handled by special means before departure. The use of such funds is also time consuming.

Very often, there is a situation in which one airline delays the flight until the weather stabilizes, while the other continues to carry passengers by passenger. Some do not understand the reasons for this behavior, while others try to find out what is the personal benefit for the company. In fact, the explanation is more than simple, each company has its own air machines, which differ in terms of model and configuration. Each aircraft has its own temperature threshold and operating conditions. Therefore, all recommendations are strictly followed, and the company tries to take maximum care of its passengers.

Identified aircraft failures

The aircraft is a rather complex mechanism, in the operation of which even the smallest details are of great importance. Before take-off, the ship is checked for all parameters. Detection of minor faults is eliminated on the spot, of course, these types of work also require time. If the damage proves to be more serious, the aircraft is taken out of flight and a replacement is requested. Such situations are rare and included in the emergency list. However, passengers will be delivered to the desired destination.

Most airlines do not like it very much when such situations develop. After all, such delays always leave their mark on the reputation. In most cases, the delay is due to minor repairs. When aircraft failures, any passenger may panic, so the administration prefers to name other reasons for flight delays.

Late arrival of the plane

This is the most common reason for airport authorities. After all, it sounds harmless and does not cause special suspicion among passengers. Therefore, very often at airports you can hear such a justification for flight delays. But what is alarming is that in some cases such a reason is not true.

Failure of ground services

Flight delay may occur between arrival and departure. Different types of problems can occur in this connection. The reasons for this delay are innumerable. In most cases, the human factor plays a role. This can be the late presence, prolonged cleaning in the aircraft cabin or prolonged unloading of the trunk.

In such situations, the flight delay does not take too long; at most, it can take about 30 minutes. Usually, such a moment does not cause much panic among passengers. Everything happens without nerves, and the reasons are quite reasonable. If more serious situations arise when a flight is delayed due to the interruption of ground services for more than two hours, then each passenger has the right to request a refund of part of the ticket price.

Passenger rights

f the flight is delayed, but the passengers have not heard the announcements justifying the delay, then the first step is to contact the employee at the check-in counter. In most cases, the passenger does not receive a clear answer to the question asked. Most often, you can hear some common reasons that should not cause unnecessary enthusiasm from people. And this is logical, because any company values ​​its reputation.

Citizens’ actions

Regardless of how the situation develops, a conscientious passenger must make a special note about the flight delay in his ticket. This mark will provide reasons to request a discount or even a refund for a ticket. This right is guaranteed to every passenger in the event of a long flight delay.

The special rights of air passengers are mentioned when the flight is delayed for a time from 30 minutes to 2 hours. The airport administration is obliged to ensure the free storage of luggage, as well as to ensure the free stay of women with children in a specially equipped room.

The rights in case of a flight delay of 2 to 4 hours guarantee the possibility for passengers to make two calls anywhere in the world. These calls must be paid for by the airline. Free hot or cold drinks are also guaranteed.

A flight delay of 4 to 6 hours ensures free distribution of food every 6-8 hours.

If the flight is delayed by more than 6 hours, the airline must provide passengers with a place to sleep. Of course, this cannot be a waiting room. The company is obliged to pay the hotel and all transport costs.


In any case, the delay in departure is the fault of the transport company, even if the cause is caused. Each passenger can reimburse part of the ticket price. The maximum part of the compensation is 50%. But at the same time, the administration is obliged to pay all the costs of the passenger in cash while waiting for the flight. It can be anything – paying tickets for other types of transport, paying visits to various entertainment venues, paying a bill at a restaurant or cafe. The only warning is that the passenger is obliged to provide all checks, otherwise the refund will not be made.

Special cases

If the passengers went on holiday, and the ticket is included in the total cost of the voucher, then you can make a request for payment of missed vacation days. If the application is not submitted within 20 days, it will not be considered. Sometimes a flight involves a transfer, which is performed by a single airline. Of course, the passenger will not be able to catch the second proposed plane. Therefore, on arrival, the administration must take care and place the passenger on another absolutely free plane. Moreover, if a person has flown in economy class and there are only places in business class, then he must be placed in an advanced department. If the situation is exactly the opposite, then the company is obliged to pay the difference.

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