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How do you check if the used car you want to buy is not stolen?

Although it is a rather rare practice, there is a probability of being deceived with a stolen car, especially if we are talking about expensive cars, which are more prone and desirable to criminal groups due to the high sales value. Fortunately for customers, they can easily find out if the car is stolen via a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) decoder.

Below we will present a series of tips and hints that could reveal the legal status of the car you are interested in.

  1. Check the car’s history online using the chassis series. The easiest way to find out important data about a car is to analyze the chassis series in an online VIN decoder, such as the one offered by carVertical . Here you will get information about the damage suffered (and estimated repair prices), officially registered mileage, technical data (list of optional equipment, engine, etc.), but also the legal status of the car, especially its existence in the database of stolen vehicles.
    Photo source: CarVertical

(Here is an excerpt from a verification report that found a car in the UK stolen).

  1. Check all places where the body series is displayed. A practice of criminals dealing with the sale of stolen vehicles is to modify the chassis series of the car so that it is identical to one that belongs to a car without problems. We are practically talking about replacing the « history » of a stolen car in order to hide a crime. The chassis series is relatively easy to change in some places, but there are elements in which it is stamped.

Thus, if you notice any discrepancies in numbers and letters between two or more body elements (they do not match or have erasures), try to find out as many details as possible from the seller. Not every trace of wear can be considered an attempt to counterfeit the chassis series, but you need to find out what the cause or explanation of the seller is about it.

The most common places where you will find the chassis series are:

in the car documents (registration certificate, RCA policy, etc.);
at the edge of the driver's door;
under the carpet, on the driver's or passenger's side;
under the trunk carpet;
in the vicinity of the fairing behind the wheel on the right front;
on the fireproof wall;
on one of the side members;
on the engine block;
near the radiator bracket.
  1. Inspect for signs of burglary or forced entry. In the case of less elaborate thefts, the thief may have needed to break a window, force a yala, or try to start the car by unusual methods.

Carefully check the markings on the base of the car’s glazed surfaces and find out details about any discrepancies in age or manufacturer. On the one hand, it is common for the windshield to be replaced due to wear and tear, but a side window with a different date of manufacture than the rest of the car may also be evidence of theft or vandalism.

Also, deep scratches, a layer of uneven paint or putty near the yales, a recently replaced contact without the documentation of a representative or a plausible reason or the malfunction of one of the two keys are signs of a possible theft.

  1. Be wary of « irrefutable » offers. In the world of used cars, any « bargain » can quickly become a financial problem and if we talk about a stolen car, it will be confiscated by the authorities at the time of presentation to RAR

If you are looking to purchase a particular model, you have noticed a « market price » and you find a suspicious ad cheap (30% -40% cheaper than normal for the condition, year of manufacture, equipment or mileage of the car), the possibility that this to have problems is a very high one.

Do not fall into the trap of traders who want to get rid of the car for sale as soon as possible, especially if it is listed at an unlikely price. This type of seller seeks a quick and easy profit, using all the means at his disposal, from mileage fraud to the sale of a stolen vehicle.

  1. Be more careful with « luxury » cars. Any used car listed for sale can hide some defects or fraud, the most common being mileage changes.

However, the possibility of a popular and relatively cheap car being stolen is low, as the risks to which criminals would be exposed are too high in relation to the potential profit. In the case of expensive models (from € 40,000 and up), the probability of theft increases, but not exponentially.

Usually, a person who wants to buy a more expensive car will use the services of an authorized dealer or a car dealership – both being credible legal entities with civil liability.

In the case of private sellers (especially those dealing with car trade), the transaction must be approached with a greater dose of caution, with a somewhat increased risk not only for the possibility of theft, but especially mileage fraud or hiding incidents.

In conclusion, although in Romania the cases of stolen cars are rare, it is always advisable to analyze in as much detail as possible the vehicle you want to buy. A critical perspective at the time of purchase is a good tool to get a price reduction but also to avoid cars with problems, be they mechanical, aesthetic or legal.

How to find the cheapest car insurance in 2021?

Whether you have leased the car, with the money down or through a bank loan, the next step you need to take is to get a car insurance that will allow you to drive on public roads. In order to have a great CASCO or compulsory car insurance at the best possible price, you need to consult several offers until you decide who to sign with.

If you are here, it means that you want to know how to buy cheap car insurance. Probably the easiest way to find the best deals for you and your new car is by consulting an RCA computer .

Continue reading this article and you will find out why you should take out car insurance, how you can find the cheapest CASCO and why it is good to always consult an RCA computer before buying compulsory car insurance. Here are the topics covered in this article:

What is an RCA?
Why is it necessary to take out car insurance?
How to find cheap car insurance and what are the differences in damages covered between a CASCO and an RCA policy?
What is an RCA computer and why is it good to use it?

What is an RCA?

When you buy your first car, you must immediately take into account the fact that you must also take out a motor third party liability insurance, ie an RCA. RCA is the type of car insurance that compensates a third party involved in a car accident caused by you, but which is compulsorily required by the state. In other words, without an RCA you cannot drive on public roads.

The RCA may compensate the other and not cover as much damage as a CASCO, but the lack of an RCA car insurance policy has a pretty serious impact on a driver involved in an accident or a driver caught by law enforcement. without RCA. In short, without a compulsory car insurance you risk the withdrawal of the registration plates, the retention of the registration certificate of the vehicle and fines with amounts between 1,000 and 2,000 lei. So why take the risk?

Why is it necessary to take out car insurance?

The most obvious answer, mentioned in the previous point is this – why risk a fine when you can know yourself safely with a car insurance? In addition to the fact that a car insurance exempts you from paying out of your own pocket for damages caused to a third party in a car accident caused by you, a car insurance is always welcome.

However, the real reason why it is absolutely necessary to take out any type of car insurance, whether we are talking about CASCO or RCA is the following: in this way you guarantee the safety of your own property – in case of a CASCO or your money in case of an RCA, if cause a car accident.

How to find cheap car insurance?

Before buying a compulsory or optional car insurance, ie a CASCO, you must do a market study in order to decide which insurance company to choose. Each insurer comes with its own offers and, most of the time, you happen to notice considerable differences between the car insurance offers.

The rates of a car insurance policy are not predetermined. These vary depending on the identification data of the driver, but also of the car. Also, if you are on the first car insurance, the price of the RCA or a CASCO may be higher than that of another person who has been taking out car insurance for some time. On the other hand, the price offer of a car insurance policy may increase or decrease depending on the level of Bonus-Malus in which you fall.

For this reason, an RCA computer will help you find the most advantageous offer for your needs. All you have to do is enter the following identification data into the system of an RCA computer and you will instantly receive all possible offers for you and the car.

What are the differences in damages covered between a CASCO and a compulsory car insurance policy?
A compulsory car insurance policy covers

personal injury or death of third parties involved in the accident
material damage
damage resulting from the failure to use the damaged vehicle
costs incurred by the injured party

An optional car insurance policy, ie a CASCO, covers

skidding, collisions, scratches, overturning, falls into the abyss, foreign bodies falling on the vehicle or the car falling into the water
acts of vandalism or other malicious acts of third parties
avalanches, hail, earthquakes, landslides
theft - partial or total - and attempted theft

What is an RCA computer and why is it good to use it?

An RCA computer is an online platform, where you can easily and quickly find out what car insurance offers are available based on your personal information about you and the car you want to insure. An RCA computer helps you compare and discover the lowest prices and the most advantageous car insurance offers you can get for the type of car you drive.

The criteria on the basis of which an RCA computer works are as simple as possible – fill in the personal data and those of the vehicle you want to provide in the fields of an online form, and after these steps you wait for the results. You will receive them in just a few seconds if you access the offer from!

And yet, what data do you need to enter?

Basically driver and car data. These data are: type of natural person or person, type of vehicle (cars, transport vehicle, road tractors, vans, trailers or semi-trailers), cylinder capacity (up to 1200 cc, over 2000 cc and others), and depending on they can provide a quick, estimated result.